Are you living your purpose? 5 Ways to tell:

We all have that soft voice inside us.

The one nudging, pleading, singing, whispering. Reminding you of your magnificence. Your potential. Your unique path in this life. Are you doing it? Do you feel the courage it takes?

Are you Living the Life you Came Here for?

Are you living your purpose? 5 Ways to tell:

“Just using your [10 minute] metaphor process, I have moved farther towards my vision of a new webinar series in the past 15 hours than I have in the previous 5 weeks of planning. What has happened is so incredible. With this new vision, I can see that when I fill in details, my project will come to life in a way that I really love. I say, “wow”. Your work is incredible, and I am so glad that we have met.

Karen Crane, designer,

“I was deeply touched by our sessions, by your ability to listen and to ask questions through which the depth of my experience opened up. I felt invited to go deeper yet never felt pushed, and I felt you with me wherever I went. The experience was for me just as healing and inspiring as the outcome. I fully recommend working with you.”

Klara Adalena, spiritual teacher,

“I thought: ‘How can this work?‘ But after each session, something had changed: the way I looked at the world, the way I acted, the way I felt. I love that it’s not about rational answers, but about letting my intuition speak. I know now where my power is.

Judith – Consultant

“This is really powerful. Those drums beating! YES YES YES. I need to dance and let the drums beat and fire rage. I really connect to those rhythms and beats that it makes my heart swell with a knowing that is ancient and wise.”

Susan – The Life Coach for Expats,, about Ignite Your Inner Fire

“For me, meditation was for woo-woo people, but you made it accessible. Nothing weird at all. The course helped me in a time I wasn’t doing well, by helping me find freedom and peace inside myself. Thank you so much!”

Nayvary –

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Are you living your purpose? 5 Ways to tell: