Ready to stop holding back?

Life is a journey of becoming.

Like you, I wasn’t born who I am today. If you would have told me I would be calling myself a priestess, I might have laughed. Back then, I was too invested in being a corporate consultant, change facilitator and business owner. I was too busy proving myself in the games that are played in the world. And you know what? It worked! I loved the work we did for our clients. For almost 15 years right at home, doing what I was best at.

Only, it wasn’t quite right.

In a way I was lucky that my health plummeted. Not so lucky because it took years to figure out what was wrong. I had to stop working. Stop climbing. Start a very strict diet. Sleep loads. I became just a shadow of myself. (Thank heavens I finally found a diagnosis, pointing towards auto-immunity). But I was lucky because it meant I had to look very very closely at what I was doing. I was so close to living my unique purpose and gifts. But I still wasn’t. And it left me with a hollow feeling deep inside.

I learned to express myself and allow my true energy to flow. Without holding back. It took a big leap of faith to finally admit to myself that I am a priestess in my bones. You’re probably thinking: ‘A what??‘. Heck, I just knew this was true AND had no clue of what that meant these days. Step by step I am finding out what it means to me, and what I can be for others. It is a process of reclaiming who I am deep down.

Don’t we all hold back from the world the things that we fear won’t fit in, won’t be understood, that we are afraid of ourselves? 

My gift is to hold space for transformation. In my courses and coaching, I allow you to go through exactly the changes that are right for you.

And with my extensive experience in Symbolic Modeling, the beauty is: I don’t determine what is right for you. The process will. You will. Every step of the way, you are in charge. But I can give you the setting and the tools to allow a different kind of unfolding of your life, your thoughts and emotions.

Whatever you meet in your journey of becoming, I am there. With you. And you will come through shining more brightly.

Come join me in this beautiful journey called life?

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I am honoured to work with you.

Signature Annemiek

Random facts

  • My 5 year old daughter is the most amazing not-so-little person. Amongst her many talents is channeling Elvis or Freddy Mercury in her dress style. With her being very head strong, we’ve given up on these particular battles.
  • Through my weird diet, chicken liver and sauerkraut actually is a favourite breakfast now (I know: ‘Eeewww!’). Amazing what you can get used to!
  • We decided to watch TV very sparingly, because it felt more and more like wasted time.
  • Nevertheless a big big fan of Game of Thrones, awaiting the new season eagerly. Favourite character is of course Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons – what an amazing model of feminine power (Yes, I know this is fantasy. It still counts.)
  • With depression at 19, burn-out at 28, divorce after 10 years, emigrating for love & returning when it all fell apart again, involuntary childlessness for 10 years, and my recent auto-immunity, life has given me many opportunities to learn and grow from the nitty gritty stuff as well as the beauty.
  • I really like being over 40. For a long time I’ve felt that actually, life is only getting better as I age. Curious to find out what I’ll feel at 60 :)
  • I think I have what is now called an ‘urban beardsman’ in the house.. Complete with axe and chickens in our city garden. I love him dearly.

The Red Robin

The Red Robin symbolises the start of a new season:

My new start professionally.
Your new season about to start!

Every season brings back the power of the sun. And with it come opportunities for growth and harvest.

So much hope and promise.

May this season bring you lots of joy!

Nuts & bolts

My training & 15+ years of experience in broad brush strokes:

  • International assessor, trainer and facilitator in Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling
  • Individual & executive coaching
  • Group coaching & facilitation
  • Designing and providing Train the trainer training
  • NLP, Change management, MSc in Management sciences and business management
  • Reiki & energy healing
  • Feminine Power, through Clair Zammit & Catherine Woodward Thomas
  • Embodied feminine spirituality, through Chameli Ardagh of Awakening Women Institute
  • Priestess training, through Klara Adalena