Breathe into the spark of who you truly are, and kindle your inner fire. This 10-day online course is an invitation to open up to the mystery of your life.

Do you remember what gets your fire going?

Have you been focussing on everyone else, and lost sight of who you are?

Do you want to remember, and feel the deep longing in you?

Here it is.

A chance to reconnect with yourself, and rekindle the fire that is in you.

The source of your life energy is waiting for you. To get to know it intimately. To feel what it can do for you, and how it needs you.

Is it calling you?

Do you want the magic to begin?

“This is really powerful. Those drums beating! YES YES YES. I need to dance and let the drums beat and fire rage. I really connect to those rhythms and beats that it makes my heart swell with a knowing that is ancient and wise.” – Susan, The life coach for Expats

“I love this course so much. I love the exercises that “ignite’ creative action and imagination, the supportive encouraging feedback and the safe harbour you offer in the sanctuary. Ah, it is so what I needed. Thank you.” – Kelli from Art & Inspiration, artist and facilitator

What will this course bring you?

Ten days of inspiring content, delivered straight in your inbox. A beautiful workbook, inspiring guided meditations and easy practices that will help you:

  • Feel your Inner Fire again, and understand, know and feel deeply what it is telling you.
  • Have the tools to help you keep your Fire burning sustainably and navigate your life.

So you can live the Life you Came Here for.

What will you learn?

You will:

  • Reconnect with your Inner Fire
  • Feel it in your body, in your blood, and feel how it fuels you
  • Deeply know how the stillness holds you and your Fire
  • Recognise what makes your Fire come alive
  • Recognise how you tend to your Fire and what happens when you don’t
  • See how the Fire lights the way to live your purpose, to live the Life You Came Here for
  • Explore and share your vision for what you would like your life to be like
  • Take the next steps in your life, in alignment with your Fire and your Soul
  • Use ritual to deepen your relationship with your Fire.

All of this happens in the comfort of your own home, with support and inspiration from others taking the course in our dedicated private Facebook group.

Join us now

Your investment for 10 days of course emails, meditations and practices is € 35,-. That is about a Starbucks cappuccino every day for 10 days. And this will help you access your life energy rather than get a temporary caffeine kick :)

Click the button to pay through PayPal – which includes the option to pay by credit card.

The first course email will find you within a day.


About Annemiek

I am a Soulcoach, Priestess and Firekeeper. I work with the ancient traditions of the Sacred Feminine, as well as with the modern day tools of Clean Language & Symbolic Modeling. Embodiment is key in my work. Our bodies are the sacred vessel that were given to us to explore this life and our spirituality. I love how simple forms often bring the deepest healing.

I love how incredibly rich we all are in our ability to learn and transform. I love offering structures where you can do your own work, and ask for additional support should you need any. Because I’ve seen again and again what people are capable of, what beauty they hold and birth. And I am here and ready to offer deep support when this is called for on your journey.

Ready to jump in?

Wait no longer to connect with your Inner Fire. Start now!

Click the button to pay through PayPal – which includes the option to pay by credit card.


“Thank you for this support to live my connection, deep within, so it can express far and wide.” – Barbara, artist

“I can feel the goodness this commitment is bringing me Annemiek”. – Helen, about the 21-day Daily Connection Practice


  • How much time does the course take? You will need about 10 minutes with your phone or computer each day, with the privacy to be guided in meditation or do a short practice. Throughout the day, you will be holding the focus of the day’s topic, while you go through your normal everyday things. At night, you will want another 10 minutes or more to log your experiences.
  • Do I have to do it in 10 days? The course will be sent to you in the time span of 10 days. But please take the course in your own pace. So if you want to stay with a specific topic for a while, please do so. You will feel what works best for your flow.
  • Will this course give me all the answers? No. As much we would all love the Holy Grail, this course is not about getting all the answers to life’s questions. It’s just not the nature of life. Life reveals itself and creates itself with you. In this course you are learning how to relax into that, and start creating with life, in line with who you are deep down.
  • Will you give me the answers? No, not even that. My job is to ask the questions that help you do the exploring. These are questions without a right or wrong answer. But they will help you find the gems in the extraordinary and the everyday.
  • Can other people see what I post in the Facebook group? No, it’s a dedicated private group, where only members can read what is posted (even if it turns up on your own timeline). The group operates under the agreement of privacy, where we expect what we share to not be shared outside the group. Failure to do this means no longer having access to the group.
  • I want to deepen my journey, is that possible? Yes, you can book additional coaching sessions before, during or after the 10 day course. Or opt for the Soul Path Journey, where we use your experiences of Ignite Your Inner Fire to help walk your path.
  • I want to know more about you, what do I do? You can read more about me, email me your questions or book a complimentary preparation call.
  • I want to check if this is really for me. Email me and we will sort you out :)

If you have other questions, let me know. Please note I am in Holland, and try to ignore my emails during the weekend :)