Your Soul Path is the path your soul wants you to take.

Walk it, and the life you came here for will unfold.

You have a unique set of gifts. And you want to offer those gifts to the world. You don’t want to leave your life unlived, waiting at the sideline. You want to help others. Feel fulfilled. And enjoy it.

But it’s not always easy to walk this path.

First, you have to find it. As a child, you were right in tune with yourself and your inner wisdom. Most of us stopped listening because that seemed sensible. Now, you need to start listening to yourself again, to that soft voice within. That will point the way.

The beauty is, that the life you came here for was never very far away.. You just stopped paying attention.

When you’ve found the beginning of the thread, your practice begins. You see, your Soul’s Path is not a job description. It’s an ongoing dance with life. Every moment perfectly designed to explore further and enter your purpose, your Dharma, your unique contribution to life.

And when you explore, you will find the places where it’s not so clear for you. Or where it is easier to do what ‘everybody else is doing’. Where you feel your resistance – anger, fear, shame. And these places offer a choice. A choice to dive in further into the life you came here for. Or a choice to turn away. Looking whatever comes up in the eye gives you the possibility to free up the energy in it. To free yourself up more and more in living your divine spark.

And you won’t be able to stop expressing this divine spark in your outer life as well. The choices you make, the actions you take, will be more and more aligned with your purpose. And you might find a new career. You might make big decisions. You will definitely need to learn new skills.

But what is much more important is that you will feel immensely connected to yourself and the source of all life – whatever that is for you. You will feel fulfilled, knowing in every fiber of your being that you are on the right path. And you will be contributing greatly to our world, even in the small things you do.

I thought: ‘How can this work?‘ But after each session, something had changed: the way I looked at the world, the way I acted, the way I felt. I love that it’s not about rational answers, but about letting my intuition speak. I know now where my power is. It gives me confidence. And even though I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing, I know where I am going and I feel what is right for me.

Judith – Consultant and facilitator

I wondered if the coaching would bring me anything new. But working with you, from presence and silence, has brought home the choice I have to take myself seriously and to truly take care of myself. I walk my own path now. You are a remarkable and warm person, and I felt at home immediately.

Arda – photo by Eric Strijbos

I was deeply touched by our sessions, by your ability to listen and to ask questions through which the depth of my experience opened up. I felt invited to go deeper yet never felt pushed, and I felt you with me wherever I went. The experience was for me just as healing and inspiring as the outcome. I fully recommend working with you.

Klara Adalena, spiritual teacher at

How does Soul Coaching work?

Skype sessions

You will start your Soul Path Walk with a preparation exercise.

After that, we will meet online and start your exploration. Every session is 60 min, and you can book it in at your convenience once you have registered. In between sessions, you will be processing the work, and using your daily life experiences as opportunities to explore further and practice.

You can expect insights, as well as starting to develop new skills that you need in order to live the life you came here for fully.

After the 6th session, you are invited to complete another exercise, giving you an opportunity to bring all your learning together on another level and set your focus for your next leg of your journey.

Please note:

Soul Path work can touch the divine realm: when it is relevant for you, you are very welcome to bring your sense of the divine into the sessions. This offers an amazing opportunity for spiritual development. The sessions are not rooted in any specific religion or spiritual belief, you are welcome exactly as you are.

Is walking Your Soul Path right for you?

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And because it’s important that the work suits you, I offer the option to get a refund at any time for any remaining sessions. Just email me, and it will be done.

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